CMG maintenance programs

Below is information on our:

  • popular starter package
  • plumbing package
  • electrical package
  • air-conditioning package
  • gardening package
  • window cleaning package
  • other offerings

Starter package

12 months $595 (inc GST) – up front one off payment or $11.44 per week


      • fire alarm test and battery change; feel the confidence that your alarms are in working condition.
      • gutters and downpipes checked for blockages and corrosion including sealant replaced if required.
      • solar panels cleaned and checked for damage.
      • roof and all items ‘on top’ checked for breaks, cracks and corrosion; if we find any small items requiring repair we will repair them. If a tile is simply required to be replaced (no cutting) we will do this at no charge only if you have spares on the property. We can supply tiles at extra charge please see terms and conditions.
      • Internal and external walls patched and patched painted. no more then 10 spots per visit and max size of 20 cent piece.
      • all doors inside checked for loose fixings, margins around the door, handle efficiency and hinges lubricated.
      • locks checked and serviced if required
      • garage door serviced. Lubricated slides, chains, cables and rollers.
      • gates serviced (not electric opening systems)
      • internal and external walls checked for structural movement (cracks); these will be monitored and recorded to track movement.
      • wet areas checked for damp.
      • ceilings and cornices checked for sagging and cracking. (this keeps you informed of the life of your ceiling and what maybe required to prevent a total collapse)
      • ceramic tiles checked for glue separation; this helps in the assessment of damp and mould growth in other rooms on walls, (leaking shower)
      • timber floors checked for moisture and movement; this allows use to monitor the possibility of leaking pipes and or rising damp.
      • bench top sinks; we check the sealant between bench and sink are in good condition to prevent damage to you cupboards and tops.
      • range hood checked for oil build up in flumes. This will we hope prevent a range hood fire; filters checked
      • ceiling exhaust fans cleaned and serviced
      • window winders and rollers serviced; we replace these rollers  and winders if required. Extra charges do apply. Please read terms and conditions of contract.
      • sliding doors serviced; we replace these rollers if required. Extra charges do apply. Please read terms and conditions of contract.
      • cupboard shelves edging glued back and checked for damage.
      • You can debleat any of the above items in exchanged for others. please contact the office for more detail.

Please read the terms and conditions page.

Plumbing package: must be purchased with Starter Pack

Starter pack plus $165 per 12 months 2 year ongoing contract or $3.17 per week

  • hot water unit (anode rod checked)
  • gas hotplate jets serviced
  • all taps inside and out – washers replaced if required
  • flexi-hoses checked. These item cause more insurance claims then any other item in the home.
  • water and gas systems pressure tested for minor leaks
  • all plumbing fittings checked


  • This package is for one visit only for service items.
  • No call-out charges on items replaced.
  • Any replacements required during the contract period do not incur call-out fees.
  • Unit charges are on the terms and conditions scheduled rates.
  • discounts available on replacement items

Electrical package must be purchased with Starter Pack

Starter pack plus $175 up front for 12 months no ongoing contract or $3.36per week.

  • electrical system checked for faults
  • circuit breakers checked for reliability
  • power and light fittings checked (does not include plugin items)
  • hot water units electrical systems tested
  • oven elements and or lights replaced; 4 weeks notice required for replacement parts prior to service booking. (please read terms and conditions)
  • cook tops tested for faults
  • outside lights – 12v and 240v checked and replaced (please check terms and conditions)
  • hard-to-get-to light bulbs replaced (please read terms and conditions)
  • solar system power efficiency test


  • Special prices available on light conversions, from energy lights to LED super energy saver lights.
  • No call-out fee on repairs required.
  • Once a year scheduled visit.
  • Also available for a small charge-House old energy audit. Call to arrange for this to be carried out on our next visit.

Most house fires start from electrical or air conditioner faults.

Air conditioning pack

Ducted systems or split systems

Starter pack plus $165 up front for 12 months


Ducted systems
Per unit

  • check ducting for leaks
  • check unit piping for corrosion
  • clean outlets and filters (Note: some filters cannot be cleaned and may require replacing. Please check terms and conditions)
  • refrigerated unit pressure checked for leaks and efficiency (air conditioners only)

Split systems
Per unit; Talk with  our staff for a multi unit home discount.
Cleaning of the system; filters and fan wheel, plus drainage pipe checked for efficiency.
Anti fungal and deodoriser applied.


  • All parts are charged separate of service pack

Most air-born flues are stored in air conditioner filters and/or ducts.
Servicing your unit will help with the efficiency of the unit and help prevent odours.

Gardening Package
This package is a quoted service.

Call to make an appointment.

Window cleaning

This package is a quoted service.

Call to make an appointment.

Extra services are available

  • high pressure cleaning of outside paving and walls
  • mould reduction
  • sealing of concrete driveways and paving
  • roof high pressure cleaning
  • painting
  • gutter replacement

You can have confidence in our services knowing that we are a registered building company and that all our workmanship is proven from over 38 years trading in the building industry. As a bonus to you. If you have a family member a friend or yourself that wishes to build or extend a home or renovate a bathroom or kitchen we would be extremely happy to give you a free 12 month service pack on any of our services plus a discount on any works that we do for you directly.  You can have confidence in our work as we offer you a 10 year warranty on all our workmanship as long as you still have your home starter pack in place.

CMG Services has several directors and they all have their own areas of expertise. We cover it all.

We aim to help you maintain your home in the cheapest and most efficient way possible.